Life Luxe Jazz

The Life Luxe Jazz Experience

Life Luxe Jazz offers the ultimate experience for the discerning jazz aficionado seeking the best the world has to offer – pairing an upscale international destination with luxury accommodations, fine cuisine, top-shelf libations, breathtaking golf, health and wellness options.

The Venue

Step into a haven of modern and sophisticated luxury where your comfort comes first.  An awe-inspiring destination from where you can explore one of Mexico’s most beautiful regions.

The Music

Imagine. A luxurious resort on your left; the magnificent Pacific Ocean on your right; and in front – your favorite artist takes to the stage to perform your favorite song. Enjoy a weekend of the best in smooth jazz while relaxing DIRECTLY on our secluded beach and enjoying limitless culinary delights and sumptuous cocktails. Choose your level of luxury from among our varied offerings.

The Golf

In 2014, Diamante opened up Tiger Woods’ first golf course design—El Cardonal—adding to both Diamante’s and Los Cabos’ reputation as a world-class golf destination.

Influenced by the old-style courses of Southern California that he grew up playing, Tiger created a course that brings back the need for strategy—providing players with several shot options to navigate during each hole. The course is long enough to challenge expert players, but open enough to provides options for those with higher handicaps. It truly is a fun test for golfers of all skill levels. 

“I set up the golf strategy to make golfers think and make choices. Regardless of your handicap, there are going to be different ways to play every hole. Angles of approach are going to be very important and will dictate the type of shots you should consider. I love this kind of golf”—Tiger Woods.

Cabo Cocktail Festival

While it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, the Cabo Cocktail Festival is one of the recommended activities to elevate your tastes and knowledge of craft cocktails.

The festival aims to showcase hospitality, promote innovative mixology, and celebrate industry leaders with events and seminars over the course of three days. Learn from the top mixologists from around the globe during these activities in Los Cabos, and go home ready to make a truly unique drink to impress your guests.

Awesome cocktails are always served at restaurants such as La Casona and La Parrilla located at the Villa La Estancia premises which also provides luxury vacation villa rental packages.

Songwriters In Paradise Cabo

Songwriters In Paradise’s 2nd Annual SIP CABO will take place at the beautiful BAHIA HOTEL, SUR BEACH HOUSE & BAR ESQUINA October 3 – 6, 2018! As always SIP CABO will include some of the most accomplished & talented songwriters in the world so mark your calendars & make your plans now!!

And… EVEN THOUGH The Bahia Hotel is NOW OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT for our long weekend in paradise… you can still come out to Bar Esquina & The SUR Beach House & enjoy our nightly shows!!! And maybe next year you will book your SIP CABO stay a lil’ earlier!! :))

Fiesta De La Música 9º Edición

The Music Festival (La Fete de la Musique) is an international event initiated in Europe to celebrate music showing the breadth and diversity of the musical practices of different genres, wether mariachi, banda, salsa, rock, jazz, funk, electronic, sonidero, pop, reggae, etc.

This celebration takes place in more than 120 countries including Mexico in the cities of Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí and San José del Cabo where the festival is held in the streets of the historic centre, creating a pedestrian path to meet their different scenarios. It is a celebration where amateurs, beginners, professional artists or music schools present their show in public.

San Jose Jazz Weekend

For its fifth consecutive year, San Jose Jazz Weekend will take place from February 17 to 18, 2017 from 5:00 to 11:00 pm in the Plaza del Pescador in San José Paseo of San José del Cabo.

This popular event features local, national and international artists. In recent years, San Jose Jazz Weekend has received more than 5,000 attendees, both visitors and locals, who come to enjoy the family atmosphere along with food and drinks from local restaurants, bars and shops in the square. The event has continued to grow each year delighting the local community and its many visitors and has featured many talented musicians and artists that make the event a staple of the winter season in Los Cabos.